-Southwest Silver Jewelry-

Native-American, Plains and Sioux beadwork



Frequently, beaded art labeled as native-american is shoddy or made with substandard products; here you will find only the finest hand made items. I use traditional patterns, even if sometimes I like to create modern things, and the same natural materials used in the Plains Indian culture - deerskin, glass, bones and horn.


This gallery is my tribute to the artistry of the Plains Indians and features my own work. I have a Master's degree in Ethnology and am passionate about the authentic Plain's culture, giving the best of myself in my creations. All you will see here is made with love


Since these items are hand-made, there are not two items that are exactly alike. Variations in cut, color, beads etc. make each item unique. If there's something special you want and don't see please get in touch with me. I am happy to take commissions. My prices are very reasonable because I want to promote the Plain's culture by making these very good quality artifacts available to a wide audience.


I am glad to welcome you in the new "native-american silver jewelry " (navajo, zuni, hopi..) section of the Gallery !! These products are not sioux but they are very nice and you were a lot to ask for it.



I hope you will enjoy what you see and that you will find the object you' ve been dreaming of.



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